How to Shop with Only $75

“You can shop cheap & not look cheap!”

May 5, 2017 I graduated from Austin Peay State University with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance! A month later, I started a job within my field of study – I am the Billing and Real Estate Coordinator for Keystone Realty & Management as well as EXIT Realty Extreme. What a blessing!

So here I am a college graduate with a full time job, pay starting off at $10 an hour (probation period pay). Now that I do not have to worry about college for the time being, I am able to allocate more of my time to working. More hours equals more moo-la which equals more spending! Not necessarily. Because I like to budget, I goggled how much of your income should be used for shopping. According to Pete the Planner, 5% (0.05) of your monthly household income can be allocated to shopping for clothes assuming you are debt free (I wish).

I am going to get a little personal and use myself as an example. Let’s assume my monthly net income is $1,500 – it’s not much but hey I am a recent grad just getting my big toe through the door. 5% of my net income is $75.

$1,500 x 0.05 = $75

Some of you fashionistas may be thinking, “How do you shop with only $75?” Easy my loves!

Now I personally do not have any reason to go shopping, I have way too much to choose from. However, I always find a reason to buy another pair of black heels when I already have 5. With that being said, before I decide to leave my house to spend leisurely on clothing, I do a mini closet inventory. My inventory includes detecting items with price tags still attached and items I haven’t worn in a long time. If you still have items with tags, pull them out of your closet and come up with ways to dress up those items with what you already have. Also, take out that dress you wore 2 months ago and style it differently. In the words of Pete the Planner, “Add to your rotation.”

If I am not able to put together the style I have in mind with my inventory, I then ask myself, “Do you really need it?” More than likely the answer is yes so then the next question is “What do you need it for?” For example, my job requires me to be dressed business casual; therefore, I need more button ups and pencil skirts. The following question is, “Where can I find these items?” With a $75 monthly budget, I can find pencil skirts and button ups just about anywhere.

Since I am using business casual attire as my need, I will list a few of my favorite stores where I am able to use my budget most appropriately.

  • Goodwill
  • Walmart
  • Rainbow
  • Clothes Mentor
  • It’s Fashion
  • H&M
  • New York & Company
  • Cato’s
  • Forever 21

You can find just about anything in Goodwill and they have some bomb sales and they also have various discounts (military, student, teacher, etc.)! Out of my list above, New York & Company is the priciest; however, if you catch their door-buster sales you can definitely get a bang for your buck!

Of course, some of you are well seasoned into your careers and my $1,500 a month may be your mortgage. Take 5% of your monthly net income and see how much you are able to spend on clothing!

Don’t forget to check your inventory prior to going shopping. If you are like me and have just about everything, take that 5% of your income and spend it elsewhere like that debt I mentioned earlier.

I hope you all are able to learn something from my post! Feel free to share!